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CI looked hard and long, and then down on
one of the legs of the buffalo skin I did see some-
thing that I could read. I pointed to it, and

* "I know what that is; I can understand that."

c "What is it?" he asked.

 "It is the Blackfoot language put into writ-
ing/5 I told him.

'He said: "That is right, and from now on you
will be able to read this language/'

It is a strange fact that Wolf Head did get up
the next morning and astound Archdeacon Tims
and the entire tribe by writing in the Blackfoot
syllabarium, which was invented by the Arch-
deacon and which he had not been able to teach
any of the Indians yet, owing to their lack of
education. This venerable missionary of the
Anglican Church marvels to-day over this weird

On another occasion Boy Thunder came to
Wolf Head and told him how to take and develop
photographs with a little camera which a later
missionary. Canon Stocken, now retired and
living at Victoria, B.C., had brought on to the
Reserve with him. The next day, much against
Canon Stocken's wishes, Wolf Head borrowed
his camera, and that afternoon he came back with
a fully developed photograph of White-Headed
Chief sitting on his horse. There was no one on